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Taunton Wellbeing Centre offers a range of treatments to address various psychological, emotional and physical problems. We are here to aid your healing, reach recovery and to achieve your full potential.

Our wellbeing centre has friendly and highly skilled therapists to help you to do so.

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  • We provide
    professional help.

    We have highly
    qualified therapists.

  • We offer a range of
    effective therapies to
    address various problems.

    We offer non-judgemental environment.

  • No problem is too
    big or too small.

    We offer confidential

  • You can trust our experience
    and expertise.

    We tailor treatment precisely
    to your individual needs.

  • We provide an environment which helps people to feel relaxed.

    Our therapists are skilled listeners and can help you to find a way to move forward.

  • We are based in the heart of
    Taunton with 3 car parks nearby.